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6th November 2018, by Archive team

Digitisation of Standing Committees 1919 ‐2005/06

The House of Commons uses Public Bill Committees to undertake the committee stage of bills. i.e. to examine the detail of the bill.  The House of Commons uses other general committees to debate delegated legislation and proposals for European legislation and other European Union documents.  Public bill committees were known as "Standing Committees" until 15 November 2006.  The General Committees include Delegated Legislation Committees and Committees for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The deliberations of the Public Bill Committees are usually published the day following the sitting and each publication is indexed by the number of the sitting and the bill to which it relates. e.g. First Sitting, Finance Bill.

We have digitised the bound volumes from session 1919 to 2005/06

Collections in even the largest and most specialist libraries are very patchy.
This online collection is available in single PDFs of each report and are fully searchable, view a sample volume here