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The aim is to increase awareness of, and access to, Parliamentary publications, and to encourage best practice in the procurement, dissemination and use of public information.

Public Information Online contains All material from 2006/07 Parliamentary session onwards. The site is updated daily with fully searchable PDFs that are available on the day of publication.

One stop shop for PDFs of ALL:

  • House of Commons Papers
  • House of Lords Papers
  • Command Papers
  • Bills and Bill Amendments
  • Explanatory Notes for Bills
  • Standing and Public Bill Committees
  • Acts and Explanatory Notes
  • House of Commons and House of Lords Daily Hansard
  • House of Commons Weekly Information Bulletin
  • Votes & Proceedings

Current Paper counts available on Public Information Online:

House of Commons Papers48111351066
House of Commons Bills36144130
House of Commons Explanatory Notes165250
House of Lords Papers43201175
House of Lords Bills and Amendments125620466
House of Lords Explanatory Notes173838
Command Papers66245263
Public Bill and General Committee Debates81442390
HOC Daily Hansards39162146
HOL Daily Hansards36150138
HOC Weekly Information Bulletins CEASED001
Votes and Proceedings39162144
Unnumbered Act Papers27220

Public General Acts273323
Act Explanatory Notes212416
Local Acts442
Church Measures121
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